: "How to Change Shoes in MyCareer 2K17: A Step-by-Step Guide"

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In the world of virtual basketball, NBA 2K17's MyCareer mode offers an immersive experience that allows players to create their own basketball superstar and guide them through their journey to the top of the league. One key aspect of this mode is customization, including the ability to change your player's shoes. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of changing shoes in MyCareer 2K17, enhancing both your virtual player's performance and style on the court.

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Step-by-Step Guide: Changing Shoes in MyCareer 2K17

**Step 1: Accessing the MyCareer Mode**

1. Launch NBA 2K17 and select "MyCareer" from the main menu.
2. Load your saved player and progress to your current in-game location.

**Step 2: Navigating the MyCareer Menu**

1. Once in MyCareer mode, press the appropriate button to open the MyCareer menu. On most platforms, this will be the "Options" or "Start" button.
2. Navigate to the "MyPlayer" tab within the MyCareer menu.

**Step 3: Accessing the Shoe Store**

1. In the MyPlayer tab, look for the "Shoe Store" option. This is where you can explore and purchase different virtual shoes for your player.
2. Click on the Shoe Store option to enter the virtual shoe store interface.

**Step 4: Browsing Shoe Options**

1. Once inside the shoe store, you'll be presented with a variety of shoe options to choose from.
2. Scroll through the available shoes using the provided controls or buttons.
3. Take your time to explore different designs, colorways, and attributes associated with each shoe.

**Step 5: Trying On Shoes**

1. To try on a shoe, simply select the shoe you're interested in.
2. A preview of the selected shoe will be displayed on your player's feet.
3. Use the on-screen prompts to adjust the shoe size and see how it looks on your player.

**Step 6: Purchasing Shoes**

1. If you find a shoe you like and want to purchase, follow the prompts to confirm your selection.
2. Make sure you have enough in-game currency (VC) to buy the selected shoes. If not, you might need to play more games to earn VC.
3. Once the purchase is confirmed, the new shoes will automatically replace your player's current shoes.

**Step 7: Showcasing Your Style on the Court**

1. Exit the shoe store and return to the MyCareer mode.
2. Start a game, whether it's a regular season game, playoffs, or street game, and watch as your player sports their new shoes on the court.

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