**How to Lace New Balance Shoes: A Step-by-Step Guide**

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Lacing your shoes might seem like a minor detail, but it can have a significant impact on both the fit and style of your New Balance shoes. Whether you're an athlete aiming for optimal performance or a fashion enthusiast seeking the right look, understanding different lacing techniques can make all the difference. In this article, we'll walk you through various lacing methods and tips to ensure that your New Balance shoes not only feel comfortable but also look amazing.

**Why Lacing Matters**

Before we delve into the various lacing techniques, let's take a moment to understand why lacing is more than just a functional aspect of your shoes. Proper lacing ensures a snug fit, prevents discomfort, and reduces the risk of blisters or pressure points. Additionally, lacing styles can enhance the overall aesthetics of your New Balance shoes, allowing you to express your personal style.

**Basic Lacing Method**

The most common lacing technique is the basic criss-cross method. Here's how to do it:

1. Begin by threading one end of the lace through the bottom-right eyelet and the other end through the bottom-left eyelet.
2. Cross the ends over each other, inserting them into the opposite eyelets.
3. Continue this pattern, criss-crossing the laces until you reach the top of the shoe.
4. Secure the ends by tying a bow knot.

This method is simple and effective for most shoe types, providing a secure fit and a neat appearance. However, for those looking to add a touch of uniqueness to their New Balance shoes, alternative lacing methods are worth exploring.

**Straight Bar Lacing**

If you want a clean and minimalistic look, the straight bar lacing method is an excellent choice. Here's how to achieve it:

1. Begin by inserting one end of the lace into the bottom-right eyelet and the other end into the bottom-left eyelet.
2. Pull both ends up, making sure they are of equal length.
3. Thread the right lace straight across to the left side and insert it into the corresponding eyelet.
4. Thread the left lace straight across to the right side and insert it into the corresponding eyelet.
5. Continue this pattern until you reach the top, making sure the laces create a horizontal bar-like appearance.
6. Tie the ends with a bow knot.

Straight bar lacing provides a sleek and streamlined look, perfect for those who prefer simplicity without sacrificing style.

**Loop Back Lacing**

For added flair and a more intricate design, try the loop back lacing technique:

1. Insert one end of the lace into the bottom-right eyelet and the other end into the bottom-left eyelet.
2. Pull both ends up and ensure they are of equal length.
3. Thread the right lace through the bottom-left eyelet, pulling it diagonally upwards.
4. Thread the left lace through the bottom-right eyelet, also pulling it diagonally upwards.
5. Cross the laces over each other and insert them into the opposite eyelets.
6. Continue this pattern, creating a looped effect as you lace up the shoe.
7. Secure the ends with a bow knot.

Loop back lacing adds an element of creativity and complexity to your New Balance shoes, making them stand out in a crowd.

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Lacing your New Balance shoes is more than just a functional task; it's a chance to enhance both comfort and style. By experimenting with different lacing methods like the basic criss-cross, straight bar, and loop back techniques, you can transform the way your shoes look and feel. Remember that each lacing style serves a purpose, so choose the one that aligns with your needs and preferences.

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**Tips for Perfect Lacing**

No matter which lacing style you choose, here are some additional tips to ensure that your New Balance shoes are laced perfectly:

1. **Length Matters:** Make sure the lace lengths are even before you begin lacing. Uneven lengths can lead to difficulty in lacing and an imbalanced appearance.

2. **Tightness:** While lacing, maintain a balance between snugness and comfort. The laces should be tight enough to secure the shoe on your foot, but not so tight that they cause discomfort or restrict blood circulation.

3. **Avoid Over-Tightening:** Be cautious not to over-tighten the laces, especially near the toe area. Over-tightening can cause pressure points, discomfort, and even affect the natural movement of your feet.

4. **Experiment with Patterns:** Feel free to experiment with different lacing patterns beyond the ones mentioned in this article. Unique patterns can add a personalized touch to your New Balance shoes.

5. **Double Knot:** After lacing, tie a double knot to prevent the laces from coming undone during activities. This ensures that your shoes stay securely fastened.

6. **Replace Worn Laces:** Over time, laces can become frayed or worn out. Replace them with fresh laces to maintain the aesthetics and functionality of your New Balance shoes.

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**Conclusion: Step into Style and Comfort**

Lacing New Balance shoes is an art that combines both functionality and aesthetics. By mastering different lacing techniques, you can customize the fit and appearance of your shoes to suit your preferences. Whether you opt for the basic criss-cross method, the sleek straight bar lacing, or the intricate loop back technique, each choice contributes to your unique style.

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