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Brakes are an indispensable component of any vehicle, ensuring safety and control on the road. Over time, brake shoes can wear out due to friction and heat generated during braking. When your vehicle's brake shoes need attention, it's essential to know how to reline them properly to maintain optimal braking performance. In this article, we will delve into the step-by-step process of relining brake shoes. Plus, stay tuned for a special advertisement featuring Empire Coastal brake shoes, available on Shopify.

**Understanding Brake Shoes and Their Importance**

Brake shoes play a pivotal role in the braking system of many vehicles, especially those equipped with drum brakes. These shoes are equipped with friction material that presses against the brake drum when the brakes are engaged, generating the friction required to slow down or stop the vehicle. Due to this function, brake shoes undergo considerable wear and tear, necessitating periodic maintenance.

**Signs That Brake Shoes Need Attention**

Before diving into the relining process, it's important to identify when your brake shoes require attention. Common signs of worn-out brake shoes include:

1. **Squealing Noises:** A high-pitched squeal when applying the brakes can indicate worn brake shoe material. This noise occurs due to the metal indicator touching the brake drum.

2. **Reduced Braking Performance:** If you notice that your vehicle takes longer to stop or the brake pedal feels spongy, it's a clear indication that the brake shoes are compromised.

3. **Vibration:** Experiencing vibrations or pulsations through the brake pedal while braking might suggest uneven wear on the brake shoes.

4. **Visible Wear:** If you can visually inspect the brake shoes and notice significant thinning of the friction material, it's time for maintenance.

**Step-by-Step Guide to Reline Brake Shoes**

**Materials Needed:**
- New brake shoe lining kit
- Jack and jack stands
- Lug wrench
- Brake cleaner
- Adjustable wrench
- Hammer
- C-clamp
- Lubricating grease


1. **Prepare the Vehicle:**
- Park the vehicle on a level surface and engage the parking brake.
- Loosen the lug nuts of the wheel to be worked on.

2. **Lift the Vehicle:**
- Use the jack to lift the vehicle and secure it with jack stands.

3. **Remove the Wheel:**
- Remove the lug nuts and take off the wheel.

4. **Access the Brake Assembly:**
- Locate the brake drum and remove it by tapping it gently with a hammer if it's stuck.
- Once the drum is off, you'll have access to the brake shoes.

5. **Remove Old Brake Shoes:**
- Disconnect the springs and retainers holding the brake shoes in place.
- Carefully remove the brake shoes from their positions.

6. **Prepare the New Brake Shoe Lining:**
- Follow the manufacturer's instructions to prepare the new brake shoe lining by cutting it to the appropriate size.

7. **Install the New Brake Shoe Lining:**
- Attach the new lining to the brake shoes using the appropriate adhesive.
- Reattach the brake shoes in the same positions as the old ones.

8. **Reassemble the Brake Assembly:**
- Reconnect the springs and retainers.

9. **Reinstall the Brake Drum:**
- Carefully slide the brake drum back onto the assembly.

10. **Adjust the Brake Shoes:**
- Use an adjustable wrench to turn the star wheel adjuster to ensure proper clearance between the brake shoes and the drum.

11. **Reinstall the Wheel:**
- Put the wheel back on and tighten the lug nuts.

12. **Lower the Vehicle:**
- Carefully lower the vehicle using the jack.

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**Tips for Successful Brake Shoe Reline**

- **Safety First:** When working on your vehicle's braking system, safety is paramount. Always use jack stands to secure the vehicle and wear appropriate safety gear, such as gloves and safety glasses.

- **Organize Your Workspace:** Lay out your tools and materials in an organized manner before you begin. This will help you work efficiently and prevent any confusion during the process.

- **Inspect Other Components:** While you have the brake assembly open, it's a good idea to inspect other components such as the wheel cylinders and hardware for signs of wear or damage. Replace any parts that show signs of deterioration.

- **Brake Shoe Adjustment:** After relining the brake shoes, it's crucial to adjust them properly to ensure even contact with the brake drum. This adjustment will prevent uneven wear and optimize braking performance.

- **Break-In Period:** New brake shoe linings need a break-in period to establish proper contact with the brake drum. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for breaking in the new brake shoes before driving at high speeds or engaging in heavy braking.

- **Test Before Driving:** After completing the brake shoe relining process, perform a brake test in a safe and controlled environment before taking your vehicle out on the road. This will give you a chance to ensure the brakes are working as intended.

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